DiabetesDocs is developed by a Type 1 Diabetic and tested in everyday life, the app is still under developement and I have the best users in the world to help me improve the app with great feedback. Everybody is welcome to write to me – I can be reached by the mail icon or the facebook page of my app at the top of this page

I answer all the request i get and i would love to hear from you

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Kim Bødker



The overview of the app displays a graph of recent blood glucose readings.

The colors in the table indicates if the measurement is within the permitted levels (levels can be adjusted as needed).
The Vertical lines indicate that ingested a main meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner)
– When a little red arrow pointing down indicates that there is some insulin at that time.
The blue shading shows exercise.

By Pressing the (+) button you can enter a new measurement. Or you can select one on the rows to view
details of the day you have chosen:

Daily overview

On this screen you can see an overview of the day you have chosen.
On the top you see the date of the day you choose. The green boxes indicates the following:
– If Insulin has been taken (and how much is taken)
– If there is exercised
– Notes is available
– Whether a blood pressure is added
– The measurement is labelt (eg, tired, ill or stressed)
– Blood sugar level

You can press expand further into the individual measurement to see more details ………
or you can create a new one by clicking the plus sign


This is the screen you will go to if you choose to edit an existing row
or create a new one.

With the establishment, only the date and time that is pre-filled, and in most cases
where you just simply want to register a measurement press the blood sugar, enter the current blood sugar
and return to this screen and press OK.

If you have consumed a meal, you will see all the individual elements of the image.

To get to the next picture here, I pressed the meal.



On this screen you can create and update meals.
You can choose to enter text or you can use the small green button to
enter carbohydrates per 100 / gr.
The foods you enter in the app are remembered so you can resuse them in another meal. So, for example, that I in this case added branflakes then you can just
correct net weight and will even count the carbohydrates out – since it knows the content of
carbohydrates per 100 grams.
Every time you create a new meal – the app will display a list of
meals (as favorites) – the latest and most frequent combinations.



When you enter Bolusinsulin the app will display a visual estimate of how you land after 2-3 hours.
However, this requires you have entered a carbohydrate ratio and Insulin sencivity (if not 1: 1) in the apps settings section
Insulin sencivity and Carbohydrate Ration are concepts known as Type 1 – if you dont have these numbers you should figure them out in cooperation with you Diabetes Doctor



This screeen wil show a graph of ther latest 6 month of Glucus Readings


When you visit your doctor there are several options for printing / emailing of the apps data – this is just a summary of all data – which can give your doctor an insight into your daily life, it is also possible to print the data set up as a diabetes journal, Carbohydrate Scheme and you can get a separate blood pressure print.