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DiabetesDocs - Diabetes App

Diabetes App – Carbs counting and Tracking of blood sugar, Diet, Blood Pressure,Exercise and Insulin
Support: Kim Wang Bødker

DiabetesDocs – My Diabetes App Helps diabetics and gives a quick overview of recent days with measurements of Blood sugar, insulin intake, diet and exercise. I have as diabetic been looking for an electronic diabetes diary without being limited to register a certain number of measurements per day   I found out that the only info i needed to fill out a Carbohydrate table was number carbohydrates and some calculations therefore I have compiled it all in one App  Recordings of Blood Glucose, Insulin, My Diet and Exercise are the elements that are most important in my Diabetes life and perhaps in yours?   DiabetesDocs Calculates the quantity of insulin to be adopted based on the current blood sugar level and the number of carbohydrates in the current meal. You are welcome to Contact me on the above email  if you have suggestion to make this app a better too To the right you can see a few screensshots from the app Diabetes Diary and Carbohydrate scheme can then be generated and sent to the right person Sample of Carbohydrate scheme (Danish version sorry)


Sample of  Diabetes Diary

Diabetes dagbog

DiabetesDocs is developed by a diabetic and I welcome suggestions to improve the app and feedback so that life can be easyer on DiabetesDocs  is available in the appstore I hope my app will be the same good helper for you as it has been for me Kim Bødker